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23 June

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The ‘economics’ of TTIP

JustJobs Network’s Executive Director Sabina Dewan moderated high level dialogue on TTIP in Stockholm. The dialogue provided expert insights on pressing issues related to jobs, security and how TTIP will affect the global economy. The JustJobs team brings to you important insights on the economic implications of TTIP.

To what extent will TTIP facilitate enterprise development and job creation?

Carola Lemne
Director General, Confederation of Swedish Enterprises, VD, Svenskt Näringsliv (SN)

How is TTIP strategically and historically significant for Sweden?

Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson
A Swedish union leader and President of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Swedish: Landsorganisationen i Sverige or LO).

How are negotiators addressing the controversy around the investor state dispute settlement provision?

Ignacio Garcia Bercero
Director at the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission (DG TRADE)

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