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Economic Analyst / Statistician

The JustJobs Network (JJN), a global research organization focused on the creation of more and better jobs, seeks applications from qualified candidates for the position of Economic Analyst / Statistician, based in New Delhi. Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to careers@justjobsnetwork.org.

Description of the position

The successful candidate will be well-trained in quantitative techniques and statistics with practical experience and expertise in research methodology, data collection, and data analysis. Moreover, the individual should be comfortable with the fundamental concepts of statistical methods in economics, including econometric modeling, statistical estimation, parametric and non-parametric testing, hypothesis testing, and forecasting. This team member will also have knowledge of where to locate data, particularly on labor market conditions, and s/he will be able to think of fresh and innovative ways to measure workforce development and the quality and quantity of jobs worldwide.

This individual will be responsible for ensuring that JJN’s data-based conclusions are rigorous and conform to the highest standards of accuracy. The Economic Analyst / Statistician will play a key role in the creation of flagship research products such as the JustJobs Index.




The position will provide competitive compensation, commensurate with skills and experience.


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