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Guided by rigorous research and data analysis, we work with partners to implement on-the-ground projects and mobilize diverse coalitions to put the world of work on a more sustainable path.

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      Migration 3 October 2014

      Pulang Pergi: Examining the Impact of Migration in Communities of Origin.

      With over 6 million Indonesians working abroad and remittances totaling $7.4 billion in 2013, the documentary examines the impact of migration in communities of origin.

      Migration 9 December 2018

      Internal Migration Among the Youth in East Nusa Tenggara: It’s Not Just About the Money

      This report examines trends in migration to identify stages in a migrant’s life in which capacity building programs could help cultivate skills that lead to productive livelihoods and create jobs in communities of origin.

      by Viesda Pithaloka
      Technology 18 October 2016

      On-Demand Transport Workers in Indonesia: Toward Understanding the Sharing Economy in Emerging Markets

      In collaboration with JJN,Victoria Fanggidae, Muto P. Sagala and Dwi Rahayu Ningrum, Perkumpulan Prakarsa write about the emergence of “platform” economy.

      by Victoria Fanggidae et al.
      Technology 18 October 2016

      The Mixed Effects of Agricultural Technology in Indonesia: Balancing Productivity, Employment and Equity

      Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture is modernising the sector with technology. This study analyses its impact on labour dynamics and inequality, and makes recommendations that seek to balance productivity and equity.

      by Viesda Pithaloka
      Trade and Supply Chains 10 December 2015

      Creating More and Better Jobs Through Asean: Strategies for Indonesia to Leverage Regional Integration

      Leaders of ASEAN must aspire to not only achieve higher GDP growth rates but also to create more and better jobs for its burgeoning youth population.

      by Perkumpulan Prakarsa
      Income and Wages 11 September 2015

      Global Wage Debates: Politics or Economics?

      The 10-chapter volume examines a rich diversity of wage-related policy issues from around the world: wage inequality in Brazil; minimum wage setting in decentralized Indonesia; the gender dimensions of agricultural wages in India; and the impact of state-level minimum wages in the United States, among other topics.

      by Gregory Randolph, Knut Panknin
      Income and Wages 10 September 2015

      The Minimum Wage Debate in Decentralized Indonesia: The Power of Unions and Local Government

      This report discusses the political economy of minimum wage setting that has developed in Indonesia and seeks to examine the changing role of workers, employers, and local governments.

      by Indrasari Tjandraningsih
      Migration 24 May 2015

      Labor Migration and Inclusive Growth: Toward Creating Employment in Origin Communities

      In the world's fourth-largest country, Indonesia, the number of annual regular migrants has increased from less than 100,000 in 1990 to about 500,000 in 2013. But is the pursuit of migration as a development strategy supporting economic, social, and political empowerment in communities of origin?

      Income and Wages 10 July 2013

      Global Wage Trends for Apparel Workers

      Declining wages and persistent poverty for garment workers in a majority of the world's leading apparel-exporting countries raises doubt that export-led development strategies create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

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