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    Welfare and Rights 1 July 2014

    What Are Just Jobs?

    By helping to raise living standards, "Just Jobs" act as a vehicle for inclusive economic growth. Just jobs provide people with appropriate compensation, healthcare, pensions, labor rights and opportunities for economic mobility.

    by John Podesta, Sabina Dewan
    Others 19 May 2014

    Making Good on the Modi Mandate

    India's new prime minister needs to focus on policies that create inclusive economic growth.

    Welfare and Rights 29 January 2014

    Mr. President: To Reduce Inequality, Good Job Creation Is a Must

    The United States must put policymaking and legislative muscle behind good job creation. As the president himself noted in the State of the Union address, "The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by; let alone to get ahead. And too many still aren't working at all."

    Trade and Supply Chains 11 December 2013

    Gap Can Build on Its Sikh Ad by Protecting Bangladeshi Workers

    A fashion industry committed to diversity and inclusion stands on hollow ground if the products it markets are founded in economic exclusion.

    Others 31 October 2013

    Creating Just Jobs Around the World

    Countries need to make quality employment the cornerstone of their economic growth strategies.

    by Michael Shank, Sabina Dewan

    American Labor’s New Agenda: A Movement for Global Shared Prosperity

    The destiny of the American labor movement depends on awakening within its ranks a belief in shared prosperity beyond U.S. borders.

    MSMEs 20 April 2013

    Financial Inclusion, Microenterprises and Jobs in India

    For the PMJDY to be successful, expanding social insurance and assistance will be the lower hurdle, and creating jobs by extending banking facilities to more micro enterprises will be the larger challenge.

    by Jit Shankar Banerjee
    Gender 21 December 2012

    What the International Community Can Do to Support the Protest Against the Delhi Gang Rape

    Governments around the world including the United States, multinational corporations, and international development and human rights organizations expend valuable resources on women's empowerment programs in developing nations such as India.

    Trade and Supply Chains 23 February 2012

    Getting State-Owned Enterprises Right in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Sabina Dewan details why state-owned enterprises need to operate just like any other business in this proposed free trade region and suggests ways to make that happen.


    The Changing Climate in India

    The United States and China are two of the biggest annual emitters of greenhouse gases. But India may be the country that provides the necessary breakthrough in international negotiations to help developed and developing countries reach an agreement.

    by Andrew Light et al.

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