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    Others 28 April 2023

    How India’s population exploded to overtake China’s and what’s next

    So how did India’s population get so big, and how long will it last? Can India's population be a tremendous productive force for the economy?


    Jal Kaushal: Skilling people for Water

    In this episode of Voices For Water, our host Karthik Nagarajan will be in conversation with Sabina Dewan, the Founder and Executive Director of the JustJobs Network, which has partnered with Arghyam to conduct a research study on "Jal Kaushal" to understand skill development in the water sector and identify gaps and challenges.

    Gender 8 March 2023

    Gig work must do more than expand female labour force participation

    Just bringing more women into the labour market isn’t enough. Whether the work provides pathways for professional growth, the quality and conditions of work are also critical considerations if we want to reap the economic and social benefits of women’s participation in the labour force

    Others 6 December 2022

    India’s G20 presidency an opportunity to focus on Global South

    India must push the G20 to take pre-emptive action, rather than just react, by prioritising two key challenges confronting much of the Global South. It must address growing debt burdens, and prioritise financial and technical assistance to build viable social security systems


    How is the climate crisis affecting our jobs?

    Harish Hande (Co-founder, SELCO) and Sabina Dewan (Founder and ED, JustJobs Network) debate pathways to sustainable livelihoods for those most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

    Technology 26 September 2022

    Platform work and gender inequalities – Case study from India

    What lessons can be learned from India regarding the creation of more equitable access to jobs in the digital economy? What are some of the policy considerations to overcome these challenges? This episode responds to these core questions.

    Others 16 September 2022

    Is moonlighting cheating, or is the world of work past monogamy?

    Regardless of whether one is pro moonlighting or opposed to it, the raging debate over the issue signals a clash between traditional notions of employment, and an emerging world of work where flexibility reigns supreme

    Gender 31 March 2022

    Measure Every Action for Gender Empowerment Impact

    In a nation devoted to powerful goddesses, the average Indian woman still struggles to realize her potential. From normative social restrictions and concerns about physical safety to the disproportionate burden of domestic responsibilities, day after day, generation after generation, in big ways and small, our women confront multiple barriers.


    Labour laws could be good for business in the country

    Recent discontent in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar has been manifesting in a different kind of collective action: ‘job riots’. Perhaps this is unsurprising, given the employment crisis that plagues India, but the crisis in UP is in the spotlight because the state is in the throes of a high-stakes election.

    Entrepreneurship 11 February 2022

    Is Entrepreneurship A Viable Alternative To Jobs?

    How practical is it to aspire to be self-employed? Does it pay off for all those who venture? What are the pitfalls?

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