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    Migration 2 March 2017

    Looking Beyond Economics to Explain Labor Migration

    To what extent do culture and politics influence people's decision to migrate? Greg Randolph shares insights from his recent field visit to Nepal.

    Technology 29 January 2017

    Transformations in Work- Looking Back, Looking Forward

    As JJN's Transformations in Work research campaign gains traction in policy circles across the globe, here are some of the highlights from the 2016 summit in Berlin.

    Technology 13 October 2016

    Online Labor Platforms: Technology for Everyone?

    Emerging and developing economies in particular are struggling to cope with the global jobs crisis, as vulnerable employment and underemployment continue to plague their labor markets.

    by Ruchika Joshi
    Technology 8 February 2016

    The Future of Employment Relationships in the On-Demand Economy

    There is an urgent need to reconsider the definition of "employment" without adversely affecting the growth of jobs in this dynamic sector or risking the dilution of workers' rights across industries.

    by Tanvir Malik
    Technology 4 February 2016

    Can ‘On-Demand Economy’ Improve the Conditions of Mexican Domestic Workers?

    Two distinct institutions have emerged in Mexico: SINACTTRAHO, a domestic workers' union, and Aliada, an on-demand housekeeping service. Which of the two will have a greater impact on the welfare of domestic workers?

    by Dhruv Jain

    How Are Farmers in Coastal Bangladesh Coping With Climate Change?

    Timothy Russell, International Rice Research Institute, speaks to JustJobs Network about ways in which rice farmers are coping with the problem of soil salinity.


    How Are Livelihoods Becoming Resilient to Climate Change in Bangladesh?

    Livelihood patterns are changing in interesting ways, as some farmers shift to high value crops like shrimp. Kevin T. Kamp, Climate Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods (CREL) project, Winrock International, shares the details.


    Can India’s Love for Tea Help Tea-Growers Affected by Climate Change?

    Nitin Saluja, Founder, Chaayos, speaks to JustJobs Network about how tea cafes can write a social success story in urban markets where people are ready to pay a premium for their cup of tea.


    Climate Change and Transformational Adaptation

    Dr Saleemul Huq, Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, speaks to JustJobs Network about transformational adaptation.


    Why Renewables Are Not Just About Climate Change

    India's approach towards renewables should not be focused on meeting international standards of emissions alone, but it should weigh in on the larger impact of renewables in providing energy access to the poorest and creating quality jobs.

    by Jit Shankar Banerjee

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