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    Income and Wages 10 September 2015

    The Minimum Wage Debate in Decentralized Indonesia: The Power of Unions and Local Government

    This report discusses the political economy of minimum wage setting that has developed in Indonesia and seeks to examine the changing role of workers, employers, and local governments.

    by Indrasari Tjandraningsih
    Income and Wages 10 September 2015

    The Misunderstood Minimum Wage: A Case Study of South Africa

    This report seeks to provide clarity on the topic of minimum wage legislation by contextualizing the debate and detailing sector-specific empirical evidence of minimum wage legislation's impact in South Africa given the country's unique historical, social and economic context.

    by Aalia Cassim et al.
    Income and Wages 21 May 2015

    For Higher Wages, Move Beyond Garments

    All the world's successful industrial policies "those that have delivered the best wages, working conditions and opportunities for economic mobility" have made diversification a central aim. Countries like Bangladesh must do the same.

    Income and Wages 10 July 2013

    Global Wage Trends for Apparel Workers

    Declining wages and persistent poverty for garment workers in a majority of the world's leading apparel-exporting countries raises doubt that export-led development strategies create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

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