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      Others 3 July 2015

      Long-Term Effects of Unemployment for Greek Youth

      The recently announced referendum and subsequent fears around the Greek exit from the Eurozone threaten to distract attention from the biggest issue facing the country: unemployment.

      by Amanbir Singh
      Others 2 July 2015

      Two Myths Around Grexit

      The possibility of a Grexit needs to be carefully evaluated, not in terms of doomsday myths but in terms of real social and political consequences.

      by Abhijnan Rej
      Others 5 January 2015

      The Impetus for Broader Reform

      Despite its inadequacies, the multilateral trading system is indispensable in ensuring a fair competitive playing field. It is an enforcer of existing rules, but the existing rules need reform. TPP can help.

      Others 19 May 2014

      Making Good on the Modi Mandate

      India's new prime minister needs to focus on policies that create inclusive economic growth.

      Others 31 October 2013

      Creating Just Jobs Around the World

      Countries need to make quality employment the cornerstone of their economic growth strategies.

      by Michael Shank, Sabina Dewan
      Others 20 October 2010

      Bringing Coherence to the Promotion of Just Jobs Around the World

      Countries in both the Global North and Global South must get behind an agenda that focuses on the creation of "just jobs" for the global economy.

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