Sabina Dewan

President and Executive Director, JustJobs Network


Sabina Dewan is President and Executive Director of the JustJobs Network, which she co-founded with John Podesta in 2013. Sabina has built in the JustJobs Network an innovative, international think tank focused on finding strategies to create more and better employment worldwide. Formerly, she was a Senior Fellow and Director for International Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress for six years.

Sabina’s research focuses on the role of quality employment in building equitable economies around the globe. She has published on a range of economic issues, from the impact of trade and globalization on employment to the nexus of renewable energy and job creation.

Her career has spanned continents, taking her from the International Labour Organization in Switzerland, and the European Commission in Belgium, to grassroots organizations in India. She is a frequent media contributor, having appeared in print and television outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, US News, as well as CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera. Sabina splits her time between Washington, D.C. and New Delhi.

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    Income and Wages 14 September 2015

    Three Rules of Thumb to Raise Wages and Reduce Inequality

    Case studies from Brazil to China, from the United States to Germany, reveal that to square higher wages and competitiveness, governments must adhere to three rules of thumb.

    Education and Skills 16 July 2015

    To Rescue Greece, Invest in Skills and Small Business

    If Greece's creditors seek to help the country eventually stand on its own two feet, it should provide the debt relief that could make Greek products more competitive internationally. Supporting businesses is one side of the equation. The other part is investing in human capital.

    by Sabina Dewan, Abhijnan Rej

    The Global Deal: A New Economic Consensus

    Underneath the rumble of political debates, the tender shoots of a new global consensus around commonsense, practical and progressive economics are emerging. It's what Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven calls the Global Deal -- a new compromise between capital and labor that would ensure shared prosperity by putting jobs at the center of global macroeconomic policy.


    This Is What ‘Make in India’ Needs to Repeat China’s Success

    The piece argues that, despite its manufacturing push through "Make in India", the country will only be able to compete with Chinese manufacturing if it promotes fair and efficient labor laws, encourages women's entry into the workforce, and invests in human capital.


    The Quest for Asia’s Next Manufacturing Miracle

    The piece argues that newly emerging Asian economies will have to fashion a new 21st century model of economic growth that is characterized by a diverse manufacturing sector, skilled workforce and a new deal between business and labor.

    Others 5 May 2015

    Unions Are Key to Tackling Inequality, Says Top Global Financial Institution

    Rising inequality is directly tied to waning rates of unionization, says a groundbreaking report released recently by the International Monetary Fund.

    Income and Wages 16 January 2015

    International Monetary Fund Underscores the Importance of Jobs for Macroeconomic Stability

    A new report by the IMF and Economist Intelligence Unit acknowledges the importance of quality jobs, calling the JustJobs Index a "valuable look at income and employment security and working conditions."


    Harnessing India’s Potential Through Renewables and Jobs

    Flagging economic growth in recent years coupled with joblessness and underemployment has created the dual imperative of generating more employment and enhancing productivity. Renewables hold the potential to help address both these aims.

    Trade and Supply Chains 6 October 2014

    Pathways to Inclusive Growth: 5 Steps to Create Just Jobs in Africa

    A guide for African leaders and the international community on how to create good jobs in one of the world's most dynamic and rapidly evolving regions.

    by Sabina Dewan et al.
    Education and Skills 10 October 2019

    Breaking the Cycle of Vulnerability: Education, Skills and Employability for Indian Youth

    This report, conducted in cooperation with UNICEF, hones in on the school-to-work transition for vulnerable youth in India. Themes include education and employment outcomes, labor market trends and youth aspirations, programs to improve youth employability, and gaps that must be addressed with public and private sector engagement.

    by Sabina Dewan, Lina Khan

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