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    Setting the Record Straight on the Ex-im Bank and Jobs

    If it is American jobs that the Ex-Im Bank seeks to support, such reforms must be a priority. But to kill the Bank altogether is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    by Abhijnan Rej
    Welfare and Rights 15 June 2015

    Has Chinese Growth Been Jobless?

    Running some basic statistical tests shows that the rise of GDP and the fall of unemployment are highly correlated in China, dispelling London School of Economics professor Keyu Jin's controversial assertion that China's economic growth has had little impact on the employment situation.

    by Abhijnan Rej
    MSMEs 1 June 2015

    Internationalizing India’s MSME Sector

    Sweden defines a small business is that it should have not have a turnover exceeding 5 million Euros. On the other hand India's definition of an MSME is one based on fixed investment in equipment. Comparing a Swedish small business to an Indian one is like comparing meatballs with dosa.

    by Abhijnan Rej
    Technology 27 May 2015

    Three Tech Start-Ups Improving Job-Matching

    Three tech companies that are changing the way job seekers "particularly young people" find employment.

    by Jit Shankar Banerjee

    India Needs a New Approach to Women’s Vocational Training

    With current measures failing to encourage Indian women to join the labor market as skilled workers, the most worrying sign is that the newly released National Policy for Skill Development doesn't outline any new vision.

    by Amanbir Singh
    Migration 24 May 2015

    Labor Migration and Inclusive Growth: Toward Creating Employment in Origin Communities

    In the world's fourth-largest country, Indonesia, the number of annual regular migrants has increased from less than 100,000 in 1990 to about 500,000 in 2013. But is the pursuit of migration as a development strategy supporting economic, social, and political empowerment in communities of origin?


    “Make in India” Needs a “Served by India” Complement

    While there is no denying that rapid expansion of manufacturing remains the time-tested method for economic growth and job creation, there is evidence that manufacturing volume may not be the best proxy for long-run economic prosperity of a country.

    by Abhijnan Rej
    Income and Wages 21 May 2015

    For Higher Wages, Move Beyond Garments

    All the world's successful industrial policies "those that have delivered the best wages, working conditions and opportunities for economic mobility" have made diversification a central aim. Countries like Bangladesh must do the same.

    Education and Skills 7 April 2015

    Workforce Development in India

    The JustJobs Network aims to provide relevant, practical policy recommendations toward harnessing skill development as a channel for more and better jobs in India.


    Obama Won’t Be Able to Repeat His China Climate Change Deal in India. Here’s the Next Best Thing.

    Prime Minister Modi and President Obama should use this visit to chalk out a more concrete plan for cooperation to expand India's renewables sector. For India, a country yearning to spark a new wave of pro-poor growth, a successful strategy relies on linking climate change action with economic expansion and job creation.

    by Michael Shank, Sabina Dewan