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    Others 5 January 2015

    The Impetus for Broader Reform

    Despite its inadequacies, the multilateral trading system is indispensable in ensuring a fair competitive playing field. It is an enforcer of existing rules, but the existing rules need reform. TPP can help.

    Trade and Supply Chains 22 October 2014

    U.S. Free Trade Agreements and Enforcement of Labor Law in Latin America

    Robust provisions in free trade agreements can provide the appropriate incentives, oversight and capacity- building assistance to bolster a country's ability to effectively enforce its labor laws and regulations.

    by Sabina Dewan, Lucas Ronconi
    Trade and Supply Chains 7 October 2014

    The African Growth and Opportunity Act: Growth Without Opportunity?

    Promoting just jobs and economic mobility in Africa helps President Obama fulfill the promise he made last year. It also creates new opportunities for investment and new markets for American products and services in a region of almost a billion people.

    Education and Skills 20 September 2014

    Youth Skills and Aspirations in India

    India needs livelihood- and skills-building programs that will help young people realize both their aspirations and the need for a more skilled workforce.

    by Keren Nazareth
    Welfare and Rights 1 July 2014

    What Are Just Jobs?

    By helping to raise living standards, "Just Jobs" act as a vehicle for inclusive economic growth. Just jobs provide people with appropriate compensation, healthcare, pensions, labor rights and opportunities for economic mobility.

    by John Podesta, Sabina Dewan
    Others 19 May 2014

    Making Good on the Modi Mandate

    India's new prime minister needs to focus on policies that create inclusive economic growth.


    Just Jobs Index – Europe

    The European Union JustJobs Index is intended as a starting point to initiate a discussion and attract interest on policy issues related to jobs and creation of quality jobs in a European context. The availability of data in the European Union allows for the inclusion of more relevant indicators than in the global index, and provides an opportunity for exploring rich and valid insights into JustJobs performance using the EU JustJobs Index.

    by Tewodros Aragie Kebede et al.
    Welfare and Rights 29 January 2014

    Mr. President: To Reduce Inequality, Good Job Creation Is a Must

    The United States must put policymaking and legislative muscle behind good job creation. As the president himself noted in the State of the Union address, "The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by; let alone to get ahead. And too many still aren't working at all."

    Trade and Supply Chains 11 December 2013

    Gap Can Build on Its Sikh Ad by Protecting Bangladeshi Workers

    A fashion industry committed to diversity and inclusion stands on hollow ground if the products it markets are founded in economic exclusion.

    Others 31 October 2013

    Creating Just Jobs Around the World

    Countries need to make quality employment the cornerstone of their economic growth strategies.

    by Michael Shank, Sabina Dewan