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    Migration 9 December 2018

    Small City Dreaming: A Story of Hope, Risk and Youth in Small Cities in India and Indonesia.

    Small City Dreaming: A story of hope, risk and youth in small cities in India and Indonesia. This documentary film is produced based on a joint research by JJN and CPR and directed by Amit Mahanti, a celebrated Indian filmmaker.

    Migration 3 December 2018

    Semarang: The Front Lines of Indonesia’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

    This report emphasises local economic development in Indonesia’s smaller urban centres like Kabupaten Semarang, Java and offers policy recommendations for growth.

    by Gregory Randolph, Holi Bina Wijaya
    29 November 2018

    Hope Above All: Stories of Survival of the Working Class

    First hand testimonies of the work, struggles and toil in the fishing industry.

    Migration 28 November 2018

    Migration for Decent Sunset Years – Closing Labor Gaps in German Elder Care

    The blog written by Tanja Matheis, Project Manager of JJN, explores how an efficient migrant workers' program can provide decent jobs for nurses while improving the lives of the elderly in Germany.

    by Tanja Matheis
    Migration 3 November 2018

    Kupang: The Front Lines of Indonesia’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

    This report highlights the evolving urbanisation trends in Indonesia, the demographic challenges the country faces, and the importance of addressing employment and economic development in small and medium-sized cities like Kupang.

    by Gregory Randolph, Pantoro Tri Kuswardono
    Urbanization 28 July 2018

    Promise and Peril of Rapid Rural-Urban Migration

    The Jakarta Post published an article written by Gregory Randolph, Executive Vice President of JustJobs Network based on research on India and Indonesia.

    Migration 18 July 2018

    Migration Junctions in India and Indonesia: Reimagining Places, Reorienting Policy

    JustJobs Network, in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research, identifies geographies in India and Indonesia that are simultaneously experiencing high levels of in- and out- migration. Beyond mapping these “migration junctions,” the authors suggest what particular policy frameworks may be needed to promote migrant well-being in these contexts.

    by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph

    Only 4.75 Million Join India’s Workforce Annually, Not 12 Million As Claimed

    On average, 4.75 million people are added to the labour force in India per year, an analysis of labour bureau data over a period of four years from 2012 shows. This is less than half the 12 million that people think enter the labour force on an annual basis.

    Data story
    Income and Wages 16 November 2017

    Urban Revival for Inclusive Cities: The Cases of Detroit and Bilbao 

    Legacy cities of the Transatlantic region experienced prosperity and growth during the industrial era in North America and Europe. Globalization and technological advancement have compelled these urban areas once built on heavy manufacturing industries to reform and revitalize their economies. What will the 21st century bring for workers and economies in Transatlantic legacy cities?

    Education and Skills 19 July 2017

    How Can Advanced Economies Benefit From Germany’s Skills Training Model?

    Germany's model of dual vocational training is a key contributor to its strong economy, low youth unemployment and high competitiveness. How can other advanced economies develop and implement a similar system?

    by Knut Panknin