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    Gender 27 August 2020

    The Heterogeneity of the Indian Labour Market

    This podcast offers offers insight on female labour force participation, the relation between technology and gender, and the state of Indian education and skill development programs.


    Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: A Case Study of Myanmar’s Garment Sector

    This report focuses on Myanmar’s garment sector, studying firm-level economic and social upgrades to inform inclusive industrial policies.

    by Min Zar Ni Lin et al.
    Migration 21 May 2020

    Dear intellectuals, migrant workers will come back. Here are the five reasons

    The human tragedy of migrants continues but the rising crescendo of intellectual outrage surprises us. Five mitigating factors to challenge the notion that migrant's won't come back.

    by Manish Sabharwal, Sabina Dewan

    Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: A Case Study of Thailand’s Electronics Sector

    This report spotlights Thailand’s electronics sector, which has adapted to global competition with technological evolution but still relies on low-skilled labour. It highlights the gaps and challenges in the sector and highlights the changes it needs to adopt for value chain advancement.

    by Jidapa Meepien, Chongdee Chandam

    Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: A Case Study of Vietnam’s Apparel and Electronics Sectors

    This report addresses the gap in studies on the impact of global value chains (GVCs) on both economic and social aspects, and highlights the need for Vietnamese firms to upgrade and balance economic and social considerations.

    by Nguyen Thang et al.
    Migration 18 April 2020

    7 ways to revive India’s labour market and livelihoods in post-Covid world

    It is important to plan how to deal with the economic fallout and rebuild a more inclusive economy in a post-Covid-19 world, and much of that hinges on how we revive labour markets and livelihoods

    Urbanization 17 March 2020

    Planning the Small City: Striking the Balance Between Big Projects and Local Agency

    Across the world, the nature of urban planning and city governance depends a lot on how power is distributed among tiers of government. India and Indonesia have both pursued strategies to "decentralize" their governments and invest local authorities with more power. Those policies and their effects, however, look different across the two countries.

    Gender 25 February 2020

    We invest in tech, then expect people to catch up. And women get left out of Digital India

    One in 2 Indians in working population is a woman. But less than 1 in 4 own a smartphone. This gap must be closed if India has to leverage tech in economy.

    Urbanization 17 February 2020

    Transforming Secondary Urban Areas for Job Creation: A Study of Uganda

    Rapid population growth and a growing youth workforce, coupled with rapid urbanization, have created a policy imperative to generate jobs on a large scale across Sub-Saharan Africa.

    by Miljan Sladoje et al.
    Migration 7 January 2020

    Mangalore: The Front Lines of India’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

    This report focuses on Mangalore, Karnataka to highlight dispersed urbanisation and job opportunities outside large cities. It provides data and makes policy recommendations for economic development and inclusive job markets.

    by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph