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        Gender 16 May 2024

        Grassroots Insights:Transforming Gender Policy in Practice

        JJN Fellow Kaushiki Sanyal was featured on the Policy in Practice podcast hosted by SPRF. In this conversation, Kaushiki highlighted the processes, projects and partnerships through which The Centre for Gender Analysis, an initiative by the JustJobs Network, aims to enhance women's economic empowerment.


        The working life

        JJN’s President and Executive Director Sabina Dewan was a guest on The Work Life podcast by HT Smartcast. She spoke to Devina Sengupta about the employment crisis, the changing world of work, and how women are faring in this dynamic landscape.


        Jal Kaushal: Skilling people for Water

        In this episode of Voices For Water, our host Karthik Nagarajan will be in conversation with Sabina Dewan, the Founder and Executive Director of the JustJobs Network, which has partnered with Arghyam to conduct a research study on "Jal Kaushal" to understand skill development in the water sector and identify gaps and challenges.


        How is the climate crisis affecting our jobs?

        Harish Hande (Co-founder, SELCO) and Sabina Dewan (Founder and ED, JustJobs Network) debate pathways to sustainable livelihoods for those most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

        Technology 26 September 2022

        Platform work and gender inequalities – Case study from India

        What lessons can be learned from India regarding the creation of more equitable access to jobs in the digital economy? What are some of the policy considerations to overcome these challenges? This episode responds to these core questions.

        Technology 3 July 2021

        Industry 4.0 and the Ramifications on Asian Societies and Economies

        What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution or also known as "Industry 4.0" mean for societies, economies and workers in Asia.

        11 December 2020

        The Growing Precarity of Work

        In this podcast, JustJobs Network President Sabina Dewan, and ILO economist Ekkehard Ernst, argue this "new normal" isn't really new at all, and that shifting demographics and technology were upending labor markets long before the Covid-induced lockdowns.

        Gender 28 August 2020

        Is Covid forcing women out of jobs in India?

        In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we discuss if Covid is worsening the women’s employment crisis, and what can be done to make more Indian women join the paid workforce.

        Gender 27 August 2020

        The Heterogeneity of the Indian Labour Market

        This podcast offers offers insight on female labour force participation, the relation between technology and gender, and the state of Indian education and skill development programs.

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