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      Education and Skills 31 January 2024

      Gender, AI, and Digital Skills Ecosystem: Southeast Asia

      The JustJobs Network has developed a comprehensive repository of skilling ecosystems of over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. With the hope to publicize this information, we have produced factsheets for the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia that visualize labor market indicators and provide critical information about education and skilling.

      Education and Skills 20 August 2022

      Reimagining Employability for the 21st-century: 10 Million Apprentices in 10 Years

      This report offers a nuanced understanding of how Apprenticeships can improve employability outcomes for India’s labour market at an uncertain time when forces ranging from technology to pandemics keep changing the rules of the game.

      Education and Skills 25 February 2022

      Pathways to Work: Mapping Education, Skills and Employability to Labour Market Demand

      This report analyses India’s skills training ecosystem, delineating the challenges and the urgent need for deep reform. It provides recommendations for systemic change in the education-skill ecosystem that will help create a better, more inclusive, and equitable world for work for India’s youth.

      by Sabina Dewan, Anna Ranjan
      Education and Skills 19 July 2017

      How Can Advanced Economies Benefit From Germany’s Skills Training Model?

      Germany's model of dual vocational training is a key contributor to its strong economy, low youth unemployment and high competitiveness. How can other advanced economies develop and implement a similar system?

      by Knut Panknin
      Education and Skills 16 July 2015

      To Rescue Greece, Invest in Skills and Small Business

      If Greece's creditors seek to help the country eventually stand on its own two feet, it should provide the debt relief that could make Greek products more competitive internationally. Supporting businesses is one side of the equation. The other part is investing in human capital.

      by Sabina Dewan, Abhijnan Rej
      Education and Skills 10 October 2014

      Overcoming the Youth Employment Crisis: Strategies From Around the Globe

      This report examines what some governments, companies, and civil society groups are currently doing to improve youth employment outcomes, and with what effect.

      Education and Skills 30 September 2014

      Apprenticeships for Everyone? An Assessment of Germany’s “Transition System”

      An increasing number of German youth are unable to access Germany's much lauded vocational training system due to increased competition and a shortage of spots. The German government has introduced the "transition system"– a collection of schemes aimed at providing young people a bridge between school and the vocational training system.

      by Bettina Kohlrausch
      Education and Skills 30 September 2014

      Apprenticeships in the United States: Can They Improve Youth Employment Outcomes?

      In the post-recession labor market, young Americans face high levels of unemployment, low wage jobs, and record-high college costs. A lack of awareness and misperceptions among businesses, hinders the apprenticeship model from creating pathways to well paying jobs that don't require the youth to take on student debt.

      by Sarah Ayres
      Education and Skills 30 September 2014

      Bridging the Information Gap in the U.S. Labor Market

      Viridis Learning is a unique educational and job-matching program aimed at fostering a labor market-matching infrastructure through a technology platform, that includes features such as an employability score, a lifelong "Skill Passport" with stackable credentials and employer access to a real-time database of qualified job candidates.

      by Felix W. Ortiz III
      Education and Skills 30 September 2014

      Newly Trained Youth in India

      A community-based organization, Saath, has developed a program to give young people a supportive network and the soft skills they need to manage their transition from the informal sector to a new, formal sector job.

      by Keren Nazareth, Irbaaz Sheikh

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