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        Photo essay
        Gender 18 December 2023

        Centre for Gender Analysis Event Launch

        A collection of photographs showcasing the spirit and the vibrancy of the Centre for Gender Analysis launch event.

        Migration 9 December 2018

        Small City Dreaming: A Story of Hope, Risk and Youth in Small Cities in India and Indonesia.

        Small City Dreaming: A story of hope, risk and youth in small cities in India and Indonesia. This documentary film is produced based on a joint research by JJN and CPR and directed by Amit Mahanti, a celebrated Indian filmmaker.

        29 November 2018

        Hope Above All: Stories of Survival of the Working Class

        First hand testimonies of the work, struggles and toil in the fishing industry.


        The Changing Climate of Livelihoods

        Erratic rainfall, land salinity and cyclones are affecting the livelihoods of tea planters in India, rice growers in Bangladesh and fishermen in Indonesia. What are the strategies they are adopting to cope and survive?

        Migration 3 October 2014

        Pulang Pergi: Examining the Impact of Migration in Communities of Origin.

        With over 6 million Indonesians working abroad and remittances totaling $7.4 billion in 2013, the documentary examines the impact of migration in communities of origin.

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