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    Gender 5 December 2023

    Embracing Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: A Call for Action and Acceptance

    The article highlights challenges transgender individuals encounter in workplaces and society. It emphasises holistic recognition by linking food, shelter, and employment for inclusive efforts in their livelihoods.

    by Swati Bothra
    Data story
    30 October 2023

    Will Karnataka’s ‘Koosina Mane’ be a Game Changer for Women in the Rural Workforce?

    Karnataka's 'Koosina Mane' scheme is an important intervention that aims to improve women's labour force participation by shifting a part of childcare responsibilities outside the household. It remains to be seen whether the initiative has the desired impact on women's employment outcomes.

    Gender 20 October 2023

    Will Gender Quotas in India’s Legislatures Deliver Gender Equality?

    The newly enacted law to reserve one-third seats for women in the Lok Sabha and state legislatures could advance gender equality in India. Certain conditions however need to be met to ensure that numerical representation translates to substantive representation.

    Data story
    Income and Wages 5 October 2023

    Employment Patterns and Gender Disparities in Odisha’s Agri-economy

    This data story analyses the agriculture sector in Odisha through the lens of gender, and spotlights transformations and disparities.

    by Shubhankar Bajpai
    Income and Wages 4 October 2023

    Time for a National Urban Employment Guarantee Act? Lessons from Odisha’s Urban Wage Employment Initiative

    The success of UWEI and MUKTA, Odisha’s initiatives to curb pandemic-induced urban employment could well be the blueprint for a National Urban Employment Guarantee Act that emphasizes worker security, community involvement and a gender-inclusive design.

    Urbanization 23 August 2023

    Constructing within planetary boundaries: Warnings from Mumbai’s coastal road project

    The building and construction sector in India is marred with inherent contradictions – it is at once an employment generator and a highly polluting sector. It stresses the question: How do we balance human needs without compromising earth systems?

    Data story
    Urbanization 23 August 2023

    Gender Gaps in Maharashtra’s Construction Sector

    The construction sector has been a critical sector in a developing country like India from an employment generation perspective. This data-story presents insights on and trends in the construction sector in Maharashtra.

    Technology 22 August 2023

    Big Problems, Small Wins: Social Security for Rajasthan’s Gig Workers

    Despite good intentions, much in the new Rajasthan gig workers act is built on weak foundations, which will make it difficult to implement. This makes it unlikely that the workers will actually get what they deserve.

    Technology 20 July 2023

    Technology and Work: Pursuing Equitable Distribution Amidst Digitalisation

    As technology continues to change the world of work irreversibly, its impact on the workforce and the need for equitable distribution of digital work gains continues to gain emphasis. This document, drafted through the consultations with JJN’s global research consortium highlights the role of public systems, the classification of platform workers, the challenges of collective bargaining and the implications for women in platform work. It outlines that path for further research and policy intervention to support worker well-being and sustainable platform models.

    Technology 1 May 2023

    Rajasthan Drafts Bill For Gig Workers: Will It Hold Aggregators Accountable?

    On 10 February, the Rajasthan government announced that it would introduce the Rajasthan Platform-based Gig Workers (Registration and Welfare) Bill, 2023. The draft bill, accessed by The Quint, envisages a social security and welfare board for platform-based workers.

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