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    FutureWORKS Collective: Charting New Frontiers in the Global South

    As global labour markets continue to undergo transition induced by rapid technological advancement and climate change, there is not enough research that captures the diverse experiences of the Global South. The FutureWORKS Collective, funded by IDRC Canada, is a consortium of research organisations that will fill this lacuna. The JustJobs Network is proud to be the coordinator of this initiative that underscores the urgency of adapting research and policies to the realities of the Global South.


    The working life

    JJN’s President and Executive Director Sabina Dewan was a guest on The Work Life podcast by HT Smartcast. She spoke to Devina Sengupta about the employment crisis, the changing world of work, and how women are faring in this dynamic landscape.

    Data story

    Employment, Growth, and Gender: Exploring the Dynamics of Bihar’s Economy

    Bihar’s economic growth trajectory has outpaced the national average. Yet women's employment outcomes reveal persisting challenges. This data story digs deeper and highlights the gender disparities that continue to persist in employment.

    by Swati Bothra
    Urbanization 26 February 2024

    Bihar—India’s latest urban frontier

    Bihar’s unconventional urbanisation is not characterised by the development of industrial hubs that generally characterise the process of urbanisation. Despite being famous for its out-migration, Bihar is experiencing something that the author describes as “urbanisation from within” i.e. the natural growth and densification of small towns and villages, increased population density and a shift from agriculture to non-farm activities. This article points out challenges in this form of urbanisation and suggests changes that will transform these urbanising villages into centers of job-rich economic development.


    Towards a GREEN future: Conserving Meghalaya’s forests through PES

    A government initiative to promote conservation and build climate resilience, the GREEN Meghalaya scheme is based on the payment for ecosystems model (PES). This article introduces the PES model and poses inquiries about its operation and implementation, especially against the changing landscape of forest conservation in India.

    Data story
    Gender 16 January 2024

    Gender Dynamics in Meghalaya’s Economy

    Despite Meghalaya’s significant presence in the Northeast’s economic landscape, there are challenges that the State faces in aligning wage growth with workforce. This data story digs deeper and analyses the gender dynamics within its workforce.

    by Shubhankar Bajpai
    Gender 5 December 2023

    Embracing Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: A Call for Action and Acceptance

    The article highlights challenges transgender individuals encounter in workplaces and society. It emphasises holistic recognition by linking food, shelter, and employment for inclusive efforts in their livelihoods.

    by Swati Bothra
    Data story
    30 October 2023

    Will Karnataka’s ‘Koosina Mane’ be a Game Changer for Women in the Rural Workforce?

    Karnataka's 'Koosina Mane' scheme is an important intervention that aims to improve women's labour force participation by shifting a part of childcare responsibilities outside the household. It remains to be seen whether the initiative has the desired impact on women's employment outcomes.

    Gender 20 October 2023

    Will Gender Quotas in India’s Legislatures Deliver Gender Equality?

    The newly enacted law to reserve one-third seats for women in the Lok Sabha and state legislatures could advance gender equality in India. Certain conditions however need to be met to ensure that numerical representation translates to substantive representation.

    Data story
    Income and Wages 5 October 2023

    Employment Patterns and Gender Disparities in Odisha’s Agri-economy

    This data story analyses the agriculture sector in Odisha through the lens of gender, and spotlights transformations and disparities.

    by Shubhankar Bajpai

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