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      Technology, Gender 18 May 2023

      Empowerment or Exploitation: Global Perspectives on Women’s Work in the Platform Economy

      This signature volume of essays, part of a regular series curated and edited by the JustJobs Network, seeks to provide varying perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that technology, particularly digital platforms, pose for women’s work and delves into the impact of the platform economy on women's experiences in work.

      Gender 8 March 2023

      Gig work must do more than expand female labour force participation

      Just bringing more women into the labour market isn’t enough. Whether the work provides pathways for professional growth, the quality and conditions of work are also critical considerations if we want to reap the economic and social benefits of women’s participation in the labour force

      Gender 31 March 2022

      Measure Every Action for Gender Empowerment Impact

      In a nation devoted to powerful goddesses, the average Indian woman still struggles to realize her potential. From normative social restrictions and concerns about physical safety to the disproportionate burden of domestic responsibilities, day after day, generation after generation, in big ways and small, our women confront multiple barriers.

      Gender 28 August 2020

      Is Covid forcing women out of jobs in India?

      In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we discuss if Covid is worsening the women’s employment crisis, and what can be done to make more Indian women join the paid workforce.

      Gender 27 August 2020

      The Heterogeneity of the Indian Labour Market

      This podcast offers offers insight on female labour force participation, the relation between technology and gender, and the state of Indian education and skill development programs.

      Gender 25 February 2020

      We invest in tech, then expect people to catch up. And women get left out of Digital India

      One in 2 Indians in working population is a woman. But less than 1 in 4 own a smartphone. This gap must be closed if India has to leverage tech in economy.

      Gender 22 March 2017

      Solving India’s Female Labor Force Challenge: JJN Writes for the Huffington Post

      JustJobs Network Associate Ruchika Joshi and Executive Director Sabina Dewan write for for the Huffington Post on how to resolve India's unique female labor force challenge.

      by Sabina Dewan, Ruchika Joshi
      Gender 13 July 2017

      Does Gender Diversity Improve Firm Performance? Evidence from India

      Does gender diversity in the workplace affect firm performance? Examining evidence from India

      by Ruchika Joshi
      Gender 29 April 2016

      The Hidden Roots of the Gender Pay Gap

      The pay gap between men and women has been a regularly discussed issue for a number of years, including in the current U.S. presidential election. While in most countries the gap has been narrowing over the time, recent research shows that as a greater number of women enter a profession, the prestige and income for […]

      by Amanbir Singh
      Gender 4 November 2015

      Is “Abenomics” Helping to Increase Female Labor Participation in Japan?

      As the employment and activity rates for men are already quite high in Japan, there is limited scope to further increase the number of men participating in the economy. So in order to significantly increase the total size of Japan's workforce, there must be an increase in women's participation in the labor force.

      by Amanbir Singh

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