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    Gender 12 December 2023

    Mobility and Women’s Employment Outcomes

    Karnataka’s Shakti scheme, which provides free bus rides to women, aims to improve women's access to better jobs, education, and public spaces by easing mobility restrictions. JJN, in partnership with the Fiscal Policy Institute, Government of Karnataka, is conducting a baseline study to understand the initial impact of the scheme on women’s mobility and their access to employment opportunities and public spaces. This brief presents the methodology and initial findings of the baseline study conducted in September and October 2023.

    Data story
    30 October 2023

    Will Karnataka’s ‘Koosina Mane’ be a Game Changer for Women in the Rural Workforce?

    Karnataka's 'Koosina Mane' scheme is an important intervention that aims to improve women's labour force participation by shifting a part of childcare responsibilities outside the household. It remains to be seen whether the initiative has the desired impact on women's employment outcomes.

    Income and Wages 14 June 2022

    Competitiveness and Resilience through Social Security: Toward a More Inclusive System

    This brief provides an overview of the current state of India's social security system and raises questions about how to best streamline and restructure the current fragmented approach to iteratively move toward universal provision that extends coverage to more people.

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