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Guided by rigorous research and data analysis, we work with partners to implement on-the-ground projects and mobilize diverse coalitions to put the world of work on a more sustainable path.

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      Migration 9 December 2018

      Small City Dreaming: A Story of Hope, Risk and Youth in Small Cities in India and Indonesia.

      Small City Dreaming: A story of hope, risk and youth in small cities in India and Indonesia. This documentary film is produced based on a joint research by JJN and CPR and directed by Amit Mahanti, a celebrated Indian filmmaker.

      Migration 3 December 2018

      Semarang: The Front Lines of Indonesia’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

      This report emphasises local economic development in Indonesia’s smaller urban centres like Kabupaten Semarang, Java and offers policy recommendations for growth.

      by Gregory Randolph, Holi Bina Wijaya
      Migration 3 November 2018

      Kupang: The Front Lines of Indonesia’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

      This report highlights the evolving urbanisation trends in Indonesia, the demographic challenges the country faces, and the importance of addressing employment and economic development in small and medium-sized cities like Kupang.

      by Gregory Randolph, Pantoro Tri Kuswardono
      Migration 18 July 2018

      Migration Junctions in India and Indonesia: Reimagining Places, Reorienting Policy

      JustJobs Network, in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research, identifies geographies in India and Indonesia that are simultaneously experiencing high levels of in- and out- migration. Beyond mapping these “migration junctions,” the authors suggest what particular policy frameworks may be needed to promote migrant well-being in these contexts.

      by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph
      Technology 18 October 2016

      Transformations in Technology, Transformations in Work

      JustJobs Network introduces real case studies from around the world, examining how technology in its different dimensions is changing employment outcomes.

      Urbanization 29 April 2016

      The Role of Small Cities in Shaping Youth Employment Outcomes in India and Indonesia

      This research project explores the role of small cities in shaping the employment outcomes of migrant youth – specifically women and those from non-metropolitan backgrounds.

      by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph

      The Changing Climate of Livelihoods: Case Studies From Bangladesh, India and Indonesia

      Managing the negative effects of climate change on employment, potential of mitigation, and adaptation on the other, requires action of multiple stakeholders including governments, the private sector and trade unions.

      by Kurt Klien

      The Changing Climate of Livelihoods

      Erratic rainfall, land salinity and cyclones are affecting the livelihoods of tea planters in India, rice growers in Bangladesh and fishermen in Indonesia. What are the strategies they are adopting to cope and survive?

      Entrepreneurship 20 October 2014

      Entrepreneurship as a Youth Job Creation Strategy in Indonesia: A case study from Belu District, Indonesia

      The Indonesian government has rolled out the National Entrepreneurship Movement, which seeks to reduce youth unemployment through a collection of training and micro-finance programs.

      by Victoria Fanggidae
      Education and Skills 10 October 2014

      Overcoming the Youth Employment Crisis: Strategies From Around the Globe

      This report examines what some governments, companies, and civil society groups are currently doing to improve youth employment outcomes, and with what effect.

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