Climate Change, Energy and Natural Resources

Climate change and environmental degradation pose significant challenges to economic growth and employment today, and risks will be greater in the medium-to long-term.

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      Can India’s Love for Tea Help Tea-Growers Affected by Climate Change?

      Nitin Saluja, Founder, Chaayos, speaks to JustJobs Network about how tea cafes can write a social success story in urban markets where people are ready to pay a premium for their cup of tea.


      Climate Change and Transformational Adaptation

      Dr Saleemul Huq, Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, speaks to JustJobs Network about transformational adaptation.


      Why Renewables Are Not Just About Climate Change

      India's approach towards renewables should not be focused on meeting international standards of emissions alone, but it should weigh in on the larger impact of renewables in providing energy access to the poorest and creating quality jobs.

      by Jit Shankar Banerjee

      The Shift to Shrimp in Satkhira – Climate Change and Aquaculture

      JustJobs Network Research Associate Jit Shankar Banerjee published an article in the Dhaka Tribune that looks at the climate-induced shift from rice cultivation to shrimp farming in coastal Bangladesh.

      by Jit Shankar Banerjee

      The Changing Climate of Livelihoods

      Erratic rainfall, land salinity and cyclones are affecting the livelihoods of tea planters in India, rice growers in Bangladesh and fishermen in Indonesia. What are the strategies they are adopting to cope and survive?


      Harnessing India’s Potential Through Renewables and Jobs

      Flagging economic growth in recent years coupled with joblessness and underemployment has created the dual imperative of generating more employment and enhancing productivity. Renewables hold the potential to help address both these aims.


      Force Majeure As the New Normal – How to Protect Workers in the Looming Climate Crisis

      In her latest blog post, JustJobs Network's Tanja Verena Matheis draws attention to the vulnerability of workers in global value chains as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing a parallel to the climate crisis, she explains how –forces majeures' have become more frequent, impacting livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia.

      by Tanja Matheis

      Obama Won’t Be Able to Repeat His China Climate Change Deal in India. Here’s the Next Best Thing.

      Prime Minister Modi and President Obama should use this visit to chalk out a more concrete plan for cooperation to expand India's renewables sector. For India, a country yearning to spark a new wave of pro-poor growth, a successful strategy relies on linking climate change action with economic expansion and job creation.

      by Michael Shank, Sabina Dewan

      The Changing Climate in India

      The United States and China are two of the biggest annual emitters of greenhouse gases. But India may be the country that provides the necessary breakthrough in international negotiations to help developed and developing countries reach an agreement.

      by Andrew Light et al.

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