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      Others 28 April 2023

      How India’s population exploded to overtake China’s and what’s next

      So how did India’s population get so big, and how long will it last? Can India's population be a tremendous productive force for the economy?

      Others 6 December 2022

      India’s G20 presidency an opportunity to focus on Global South

      India must push the G20 to take pre-emptive action, rather than just react, by prioritising two key challenges confronting much of the Global South. It must address growing debt burdens, and prioritise financial and technical assistance to build viable social security systems

      Others 10 October 2022

      Demographics and the Future of Work (FoW)

      This brief looks at the general findings from global literature on demographic trends, while also unveiling specific demographic concerns of the Global South.

      by Ramiro Albrieu
      Others 16 September 2022

      Is moonlighting cheating, or is the world of work past monogamy?

      Regardless of whether one is pro moonlighting or opposed to it, the raging debate over the issue signals a clash between traditional notions of employment, and an emerging world of work where flexibility reigns supreme

      Others 8 February 2022

      The country’s quest for scale shouldn’t overlook quality

      With 1.4 billion people, India is well on its way to becoming the world’s most populous country, beating China. Our youth population alone is larger than the total population of the US, or that of any other industrialized country. It is understandable then that a quest to achieve scale is among the top priorities of the government’s development interventions.

      Others 5 May 2015

      Unions Are Key to Tackling Inequality, Says Top Global Financial Institution

      Rising inequality is directly tied to waning rates of unionization, says a groundbreaking report released recently by the International Monetary Fund.

      Others 4 June 2019

      A Clarion Call For Just Jobs: Addressing the Nation’s Employment Crisis

      As part of Centre for Policy Research’s ‘Policy Challenges-2019-2024: The Big Questions for the New Government and Possible Pathways’, Sabina Dewan, President and Executive Director of JustJobs Network and Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for Policy Research writes a piece on addressing India’s employment crisis.

      Others 3 February 2017

      Finding the Right Pieces to the Jobs Puzzle in Nepal

      What potential do reconstruction funds and return migration hold for job creation in Nepal? JJN research team goes on field to find out.

      by Prachi Agarwal, Ruchika Joshi
      Others 3 March 2016

      What Does India’s 2016 Budget Mean for Jobs?

      As the Indian government released its 2016 budget earlier this week, a key question is whether it does enough to address one of the biggest challenges confronting the Indian economy: job creation. Here are some reactions from the JustJobs Network team on India's 2016 budget.

      Others 15 July 2015

      Emerging From Debt, Creating Jobs: Lessons From Greece

      Sovereign debt and its sustainability is becoming a widespread concern. This report maps the four likely scenarios Greece faces, but these could very well be the choices other countries face in the near future.

      by Abhijnan Rej

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