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      Technology 3 July 2021

      Industry 4.0 and the Ramifications on Asian Societies and Economies

      What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution or also known as "Industry 4.0" mean for societies, economies and workers in Asia.

      Technology 8 May 2021

      The World in 2030: Looking Back Ten Years from Now

      This book provides well-founded insights and guidance to (self-)manage work in a globalized and digitalized knowledge economy with a perspective of the year 2030. International researchers and practitioners draw a picture of how, when, and where we will work most probably in 10 years.

      Technology 18 December 2020

      Rebuilding the World of Work: Visionary Voices on the Post-pandemic Economy: Prof. Ian Goldin

      Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development at the University of Oxford, in conversation with Sabina Dewan on the likely length and depth of the economic crisis induced by COVID-19, and the steps that are necessary now to ensure that the economic recovery leads to more resilient economies, livelihoods, and communities.

      by Ian Goldin
      Technology 2 December 2020

      Rethinking the World of Work

      Sabina Dewan, JJN President and Executive Director, writes a piece with Ekkehard Ernst, International Labour Organization, on "Rethinking the World of Work" for the International Monetary Fund's quarterly magazine "Finance & Development".

      by Sabina Dewan, Ekkehard Ernst
      Technology 25 November 2020

      Policy Options for Regulating Platform Work

      As the nature of work changes and more individuals derive an income from platform work, existing labour and social protection regulations are no longer fit for purpose. JJN and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri), with support from the German Development Corporation GIZ, conducted an initial scoping study that sheds light on employment, working conditions and labour and policy regimes for platform workers.

      by Hennie Bester et al.
      Technology 4 November 2019

      Challenging Digital Colonialism: How Can Governments Capture the Value of Data Labor?

      Dr. Bama Athreya, Research Fellow at the Open Society Foundations, considers what's at stake in the commoditization of data and how governments can intervene to protect their citizens' digital rights.

      by Bama Athreya
      Technology 31 May 2019

      New Opportunities in the Platform Economy : On-Ramps to Formalization in the Global South

      The JustJobs Network team has collaborated with the Future of Work in the Global South, to examine the platform economy workers in the global South. The findings and recommendations of this paper aim to improve policymakers’ access to data on platform economy work and, second, on using that information to design integrated systems of taxation and social protection and develop appropriate legal definitions of platform services and workers.

      Technology 15 December 2018

      Wired for Work: Exploring the Nexus of Technology & Jobs

      This paper is part of the Growth and Reducing Inequality Working Paper Series which is an effort to gather and disseminate a diverse range of perspectives and research on trends, drivers and policy responses relevant to developing country efforts to boost growth and reduce inequality.

      Technology 29 January 2017

      Transformations in Work- Looking Back, Looking Forward

      As JJN's Transformations in Work research campaign gains traction in policy circles across the globe, here are some of the highlights from the 2016 summit in Berlin.

      Technology 6 December 2016

      Assessing the Social Dimension of the Digital Economy: Policy Frameworks for Quality Jobs of Tomorrow

      Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, and co-author Anna Byhovskaya - leading voices on workers' rights - write about the pivotal role of unions in facilitating social dialogue and ensuring a fair transition toward quality jobs in the digital era.

      by Sharan Burrow, Anna Byhovskaya

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