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      Technology 18 October 2016

      Transformations in Technology, Transformations in Work

      JustJobs Network introduces real case studies from around the world, examining how technology in its different dimensions is changing employment outcomes.

      Technology 13 October 2016

      Online Labor Platforms: Technology for Everyone?

      Emerging and developing economies in particular are struggling to cope with the global jobs crisis, as vulnerable employment and underemployment continue to plague their labor markets.

      by Ruchika Joshi
      Technology 8 February 2016

      The Future of Employment Relationships in the On-Demand Economy

      There is an urgent need to reconsider the definition of "employment" without adversely affecting the growth of jobs in this dynamic sector or risking the dilution of workers' rights across industries.

      by Tanvir Malik
      Technology 4 February 2016

      Can ‘On-Demand Economy’ Improve the Conditions of Mexican Domestic Workers?

      Two distinct institutions have emerged in Mexico: SINACTTRAHO, a domestic workers' union, and Aliada, an on-demand housekeeping service. Which of the two will have a greater impact on the welfare of domestic workers?

      by Dhruv Jain
      Technology 19 December 2016

      Are Online Work Platforms Creating a Frictionless Global Labor Market?: Analyzing Data From the Largest Spanish-Speaking Freelance Portal

      Hernan Galperin and Catrihel Greppi analyze data from the largest Spanish-speaking freelance portal.

      by Hernan Galperin, Catrihel Greppi
      Technology 29 January 2021

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

      In her chapter on the potential of ASEAN's digital transformation, JJN President and Executive Director Sabina Dewan explores employment impacts of the region's major digital trends and how regional cooperation is critical to leverage economic advantages.

      Technology 27 November 2019

      It’s Time to Include Workers in Internet Governance

      As the Internet Governance Forum meets in Berlin, Dr. Bama Athreya argues that workers must have a seat at the table.

      by Bama Athreya
      Technology 20 February 2017

      On-Demand Economy: Does Context Matter?

      From governments to businesses to workers, the on-demand economy has everyone puzzled. But does it impact developing and developed countries differently?

      Technology 18 October 2016

      Improving Agricultural Livelihoods Through E-vouchers in Zambia: Leveraging Technology to Streamline and Strengthen Farm Subsidies

      This report examines Zambia’s agricultural subsidy programs, particularly the electronic voucher (e-voucher) system, aimed at enhancing food security and rural income. In addition, it enumerates the challenges faced, and puts forth policy recommendations for improvement.

      by Felix Mwenge, Gibson Masumbu
      Technology 18 October 2016

      On-Demand Transport Workers in Indonesia: Toward Understanding the Sharing Economy in Emerging Markets

      In collaboration with JJN,Victoria Fanggidae, Muto P. Sagala and Dwi Rahayu Ningrum, Perkumpulan Prakarsa write about the emergence of “platform” economy.

      by Victoria Fanggidae et al.

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