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    Migration 28 November 2018

    Migration for Decent Sunset Years – Closing Labor Gaps in German Elder Care

    The blog written by Tanja Matheis, Project Manager of JJN, explores how an efficient migrant workers' program can provide decent jobs for nurses while improving the lives of the elderly in Germany.

    by Tanja Matheis

    Force Majeure As the New Normal – How to Protect Workers in the Looming Climate Crisis

    In her latest blog post, JustJobs Network's Tanja Verena Matheis draws attention to the vulnerability of workers in global value chains as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing a parallel to the climate crisis, she explains how –forces majeures' have become more frequent, impacting livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia.

    by Tanja Matheis
    Income and Wages 29 November 2018

    Working Together for Minimum Wage Setting: Evidence From Myanmar

    From the recent experience in Myanmar, Adithya B. Kumar from CESD and Tanja Matheis from JJN, discuss the process of reaching consensus on minimum wage rates and how research organizations can help to facilitate fact-based decision making among stakeholders.

    by Adithya B. Kumar, Tanja Matheis

    Aging Workers in Thailand’s Electronics Sector: A Perspective of Assembly Line Work

    Retirement in your 40s doesn't sound attractive when you don't have sufficient retirement benefits to meet your basic needs. This is a stark reality confronting many factory workers in Thailand.

    by Jidapa Meepien, Tanja Matheis
    Trade and Supply Chains 15 August 2017

    Inclusive Industrialization: A Balanced View on Supply Chains in Vietnam

    The impact of foreign investment and global value chain integration on Vietnam's local economy must be evaluated from a balanced standpoint.

    by Nguyen Thang, Tanja Matheis

    Global Value Chain Governance: A New Opportunity for Creating Just Jobs?

    As global value chains undergo structural changes in the 21st century, a major challenge facing both firms and policymakers is the effect of supply chain governance on employment and working conditions.

    by Tanja Matheis

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