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Guided by rigorous research and data analysis, we work with partners to implement on-the-ground projects and mobilize diverse coalitions to put the world of work on a more sustainable path.

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      Technology 18 October 2016

      Transformations in Technology, Transformations in Work

      JustJobs Network introduces real case studies from around the world, examining how technology in its different dimensions is changing employment outcomes.

      Education and Skills 10 October 2014

      Overcoming the Youth Employment Crisis: Strategies From Around the Globe

      This report examines what some governments, companies, and civil society groups are currently doing to improve youth employment outcomes, and with what effect.

      Education and Skills 30 September 2014

      Apprenticeships for Everyone? An Assessment of Germany’s “Transition System”

      An increasing number of German youth are unable to access Germany's much lauded vocational training system due to increased competition and a shortage of spots. The German government has introduced the "transition system"– a collection of schemes aimed at providing young people a bridge between school and the vocational training system.

      by Bettina Kohlrausch
      Migration 9 December 2018

      Chances for Young Refugees: On Access to Vocational Training and the Dynamics of Labor Market Integration in Germany

      Over one million asylum seekers and refugees entered Germany in 2015 and 2016 combined. Integrating them into the economy through vocational training and access to the labor market – through just jobs and appropriate forms of vocational training – is imperative both to their own survival and to the economic welfare of Germany

      by Philip Anderson
      Technology 18 October 2016

      Digitalization of Industrial Jobs in Germany: Prospects for Human-Oriented Work Design

      Industry 4.0, i.e., the rise of technology in Germany’s manufacturing industry, has had challenging implications for employment and opportunities. This report draws upon expert insights to explore its impact, and proposes job design principles for adapting to the changing landscape.

      by Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen
      Income and Wages 11 September 2015

      Global Wage Debates: Politics or Economics?

      The 10-chapter volume examines a rich diversity of wage-related policy issues from around the world: wage inequality in Brazil; minimum wage setting in decentralized Indonesia; the gender dimensions of agricultural wages in India; and the impact of state-level minimum wages in the United States, among other topics.

      by Gregory Randolph, Knut Panknin
      Income and Wages 10 September 2015

      The Bumpy Road to a National Minimum Wage in Germany

      A key driver behind the introduction of the minimum wage was the erosion of the German collective bargaining system that began in the mid-1990s.

      by Claudia Weinkopf

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