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Guided by rigorous research and data analysis, we work with partners to implement on-the-ground projects and mobilize diverse coalitions to put the world of work on a more sustainable path.

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      Technology 31 May 2019

      New Opportunities in the Platform Economy : On-Ramps to Formalization in the Global South

      The JustJobs Network team has collaborated with the Future of Work in the Global South, to examine the platform economy workers in the global South. The findings and recommendations of this paper aim to improve policymakers’ access to data on platform economy work and, second, on using that information to design integrated systems of taxation and social protection and develop appropriate legal definitions of platform services and workers.

      Welfare and Rights 30 September 2014

      Brazil’s Social Welfare Approach: Improving Job Outcomes for the Youth by Delaying Entrance Into Workforce

      Young people in Brazil enter the workforce too early, hindering their ability to gain the education and employable skills that deliver good job outcomes. The Brazilian government has implemented a broad set of social welfare schemes aimed at giving families financial relief, enabling youth to stay in school longer and delay their entry into the labor force.

      by Alfredo Santos, Gregory Randolph
      Income and Wages 10 September 2015

      Minimum Wage in Brazil: A Useful Policy Tool to Reduce Wage Inequality?

      What role did a rising minimum wage play in reducing wage inequality in Brazil in the first decade of the 21st century? Is it reasonable to expect that the policy of tying minimum wage to economic growth will continue to act as a key driver of inequality reduction in the near future?

      by Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa et al.
      Trade and Supply Chains 22 October 2014

      U.S. Free Trade Agreements and Enforcement of Labor Law in Latin America

      Robust provisions in free trade agreements can provide the appropriate incentives, oversight and capacity- building assistance to bolster a country's ability to effectively enforce its labor laws and regulations.

      by Sabina Dewan, Lucas Ronconi

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