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      Trade and Supply Chains 22 October 2014

      U.S. Free Trade Agreements and Enforcement of Labor Law in Latin America

      Robust provisions in free trade agreements can provide the appropriate incentives, oversight and capacity- building assistance to bolster a country's ability to effectively enforce its labor laws and regulations.

      by Sabina Dewan, Lucas Ronconi
      Trade and Supply Chains 7 October 2014

      The African Growth and Opportunity Act: Growth Without Opportunity?

      Promoting just jobs and economic mobility in Africa helps President Obama fulfill the promise he made last year. It also creates new opportunities for investment and new markets for American products and services in a region of almost a billion people.

      Trade and Supply Chains 11 December 2013

      Gap Can Build on Its Sikh Ad by Protecting Bangladeshi Workers

      A fashion industry committed to diversity and inclusion stands on hollow ground if the products it markets are founded in economic exclusion.


      American Labor’s New Agenda: A Movement for Global Shared Prosperity

      The destiny of the American labor movement depends on awakening within its ranks a belief in shared prosperity beyond U.S. borders.

      Trade and Supply Chains 23 February 2012

      Getting State-Owned Enterprises Right in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

      Sabina Dewan details why state-owned enterprises need to operate just like any other business in this proposed free trade region and suggests ways to make that happen.

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