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    Gender 29 April 2016

    The Hidden Roots of the Gender Pay Gap

    The pay gap between men and women has been a regularly discussed issue for a number of years, including in the current U.S. presidential election. While in most countries the gap has been narrowing over the time, recent research shows that as a greater number of women enter a profession, the prestige and income for […]

    by Amanbir Singh
    Gender 4 November 2015

    Is “Abenomics” Helping to Increase Female Labor Participation in Japan?

    As the employment and activity rates for men are already quite high in Japan, there is limited scope to further increase the number of men participating in the economy. So in order to significantly increase the total size of Japan's workforce, there must be an increase in women's participation in the labor force.

    by Amanbir Singh

    India Needs a New Approach to Women’s Vocational Training

    With current measures failing to encourage Indian women to join the labor market as skilled workers, the most worrying sign is that the newly released National Policy for Skill Development doesn't outline any new vision.

    by Amanbir Singh
    Gender 21 December 2012

    What the International Community Can Do to Support the Protest Against the Delhi Gang Rape

    Governments around the world including the United States, multinational corporations, and international development and human rights organizations expend valuable resources on women's empowerment programs in developing nations such as India.

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