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      Trade and Supply Chains 29 January 2020

      Work, Workers and Employment Relationships in a World of Value Chains

      The restructuring of trade into Global Value Chains has had a significant impact on labor markets. Research suggests that today, one in five jobs is related to global supply chains. Now that such fragmented, dispersed and complex patterns of trade through supply and value chains are apparent, there is a need to better understand how these impact the world of work. How do we actively shape this evolution to create inclusive economies where more people benefit from an expanding economic pie?


      Aging Workers in Thailand’s Electronics Sector: A Perspective of Assembly Line Work

      Retirement in your 40s doesn't sound attractive when you don't have sufficient retirement benefits to meet your basic needs. This is a stark reality confronting many factory workers in Thailand.

      by Jidapa Meepien, Tanja Matheis
      Trade and Supply Chains 15 August 2017

      Inclusive Industrialization: A Balanced View on Supply Chains in Vietnam

      The impact of foreign investment and global value chain integration on Vietnam's local economy must be evaluated from a balanced standpoint.

      by Nguyen Thang, Tanja Matheis

      Building Civil Society Capacity for Evidence-Based Campaigns

      JJN collaborates with partners to develop a step-by-step guide to strengthen civil society campaigns for just job creation in supply chains.


      Global Value Chain Governance: A New Opportunity for Creating Just Jobs?

      As global value chains undergo structural changes in the 21st century, a major challenge facing both firms and policymakers is the effect of supply chain governance on employment and working conditions.

      by Tanja Matheis

      The ‘Economics’ of TTIP

      The JustJobs team brings to you important insights on the economic implications of TTIP.

      Trade and Supply Chains 3 February 2016

      U.S Congress Seeks JJN Input on Trans-Pacific Partnership

      U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Democrats called on JustJobs Network Executive Director Sabina Dewan this month to submit her statement on the labor provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

      Trade and Supply Chains 10 December 2015

      Creating More and Better Jobs Through Asean: Strategies for Indonesia to Leverage Regional Integration

      Leaders of ASEAN must aspire to not only achieve higher GDP growth rates but also to create more and better jobs for its burgeoning youth population.

      by Perkumpulan Prakarsa

      Setting the Record Straight on the Ex-im Bank and Jobs

      If it is American jobs that the Ex-Im Bank seeks to support, such reforms must be a priority. But to kill the Bank altogether is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      by Abhijnan Rej

      “Make in India” Needs a “Served by India” Complement

      While there is no denying that rapid expansion of manufacturing remains the time-tested method for economic growth and job creation, there is evidence that manufacturing volume may not be the best proxy for long-run economic prosperity of a country.

      by Abhijnan Rej

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