The Philippines in the Electronics Global Value Chains

2 January 2021

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Philippines’ economic evolution, particularly in the electronics sector, and offers insights into the challenges and opportunities for future growth and development in the context of globalisation and changing trade dynamics.

The report primarily focuses on the economic and industrial development of the Philippines, particularly its electronics sector, within the context of trade policies, globalisation, and workforce conditions. The Philippine economy has grown significantly because of this sector and its impact on employment and poverty reduction. However, the industry faces many challenges, including overreliance on imported components, issues with workforce conditions, and a lack of innovation.

Consequently, there is a dire need for diversification within the electronics sector, with a focus on value-added activities, innovation, and sustainability. The report highlights issues such as the dominance of multinational corporations, high worker turnover, corruption, and a challenging business environment.

To enhance competitiveness, the report recommends strategies like investing in research and development, encouraging domestic ownership, improving infrastructure, addressing governance issues, and exploring emerging markets such as solar energy and green technology.