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Guided by rigorous research and data analysis, we work with partners to implement on-the-ground projects and mobilize diverse coalitions to put the world of work on a more sustainable path.

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      The Changing Climate of Livelihoods: Case Studies From Bangladesh, India and Indonesia

      Managing the negative effects of climate change on employment, potential of mitigation, and adaptation on the other, requires action of multiple stakeholders including governments, the private sector and trade unions.

      by Kurt Klien

      The Changing Climate of Livelihoods

      Erratic rainfall, land salinity and cyclones are affecting the livelihoods of tea planters in India, rice growers in Bangladesh and fishermen in Indonesia. What are the strategies they are adopting to cope and survive?

      Trade and Supply Chains 25 September 2014

      Women Human Rights Defenders: Training Youth to Lead Reform in the Apparel Sector

      The key to reform in the apparel industry lies in enabling young, first- time workers to stand up for their rights. As the vast majority of apparel sector workers are young women, better collaboration between women's rights organizations and trade unions is an imperative.

      by Judy Gearhart
      Education and Skills 1 December 2017

      From Education to Employability: A Case Study on Bangladesh

      This study locates the gap between education and employability in Bangladesh, and offers recommendations to improve outcomes and foster inclusive economic growth.

      by Sabina Dewan, Urmila Sarkar
      Education and Skills 1 December 2017

      From Education to Employability: Preparing South Asian Youth for the World of Work

      While South Asia’s large and rapidly growing youth population offers the promise of a more productive economy, concerns about the ability of education and skills training to adequately prepare youth for the job market are dampening the optimism.

      by Sabina Dewan, Urmila Sarkar
      Income and Wages 11 September 2015

      Minimum As Maximum? Wage Policies in the Garment Industries of Select Asian Countries

      This report analyses and contextualizes the wage developments in the garment industry in five Asian countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

      by Julia Mueller, Lukas Bauer
      Income and Wages 10 July 2013

      Global Wage Trends for Apparel Workers

      Declining wages and persistent poverty for garment workers in a majority of the world's leading apparel-exporting countries raises doubt that export-led development strategies create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

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